Myths of blood donation in Pakistan & Azad Jammu & Kashmir

Created on: May 8, 2018

Blood donation is a very save and healthy and holy process. Every healthy person should make donations and should make this habitual as it is very beneficial for both, the donor and recipient. Blood donation helps to burn up to calories 650 by donating one pint of blood. Blood donation also decrease different type of cancers. The major hurdle towards blood donation are that we are surrounded by lot of myths regarding blood donation in Pakistan and also in AJK (Azad Jammu & Kashmir) and peoples are scary to to donate blood. The truth is these my myths are totally wrong and we should break these myths by taking fist step towards donation and motivate our family members and friends. Few very common myths are listed below. Only 10% people dare for blood donation in Pakistan. There are only fewer blood donor is Azad Jammu & Kashmir. We should orgnaize awareness campaigns to encourage people to take part in this holy cause so we could increase percentage of blood donors in Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Pakistan.

Myth: A very common myth is that NEEDLE HURTS
The Fact: The truth is it hurts no more then needle pierce. And a little soreness which keeps you remind for some time that you have done some good deeds. The pain of the prick of 16-18 G needle is almost same as that of 22 G small needle.

Myth: Another myth is tht blood donation is not Save.
The Fact: This is totally wrong concept that blood donation is not safe. The occassional fainting after donation occures in 2% of first time donors. Blood donor can prevent easily by taking some rest and having fluid, liquid, juices thoughout the day of donation.

Myth: Blood donors cann't take part in physical activities e.g sports.
The Fact: This is also totally misunderstood concept. Blood donation keeps donor more healtheir, burns calories, reduces cancer chances, free medical checkup. Blood donor should avoid wait lifting, hard workout, have enough fluid and take rest for rest of the day.

Myth: Another common myth is Blood can be manufactured artificailly.
The Fact: Unfortunately scientist are not able to produce blood at wide scale. Scientist are only able to produce red cells of blood and not on large scale. So the blood is produced only with blood transfusion. In high-salary countries blood donation ratio is very heigh that low-salaried countries like Pakistan. So it is necessary to motivate poeple to put their fear aside and come forward to donate blood and become someone's unknow hero.

Myth: Age is the limit for blood donation.
The Fact: Anyone who is fit and healtier and up to age of 60 can donate blood.

Myth: blood donation decreases the sexual drive and leads to energy loss.
The Fact: Blood donation doesn't take any effect on sexual drive. As disscused many time the donor will not feel drained and red cell of his blood will start building within a day or two.

Myth: Womens cann't donate blood.
The Fact: Healthy and fit women can donate blood if their HB level is normal (12.5 to 15.5) and also she is not pragnent, feeding child or menstruating. Women having weight of 45kg and she is not menstruating during the blood donation.


Blood donation is a holy and health process which makes you  feel that you have done a good deed and spread happiness to the patient and family depending on that patient so you become an unnamed and unknown hero for them. To get to know about benefits of blood donation read Benefits of blood donation article. We all should move forward to increase awareness of blood donation in Pakistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir.