Benefits of Blood Donation

Created on: May 4, 2018


There are various benefits of blood donation including free medical checkup, reduces cancer risk, burns calories, saves up to three lives and spreads joy to patient's family.


Free Medical Checkup
It is necassary to do some health screening of blood donor before blood donation. A donor will receive mini blood test, blood pressure, sugur test and free prior health screening. Also HB (Hemoglobin) level test which is protein in donor's red blood cells. I HB level is lower then normal (normal HB level is 13.5 to 17.5) which mean person have low blood cells in other words it is anemia.

Produces New Blood cells
Transfusion is a healty process because when blood donor donates his marrow starts producing new cells with 48 hours of blood donation. And within 1 to 2 months donor's withdrawn blood completely replaced with news blood cells which helps donor's body to be healthy. So transfusion of blood helps to improves blood donor's cardiovascular health.

Low Cancer risk
Transfusion of blood also reduces different type of cancer including lung, liver, throat, colon and stomatch. So increase blod donation to reduce cancer risk.

Burns Calories
Transfusion of blood also burns calories of blood donor. Blood donation on regular basis also energize and invigorate elderly blood donors. Transfusion burns around 650 calories with one pint of blood donation which is around 450ml.

Saves Lives and Spread Joy
Blood donor is a super hero who saves life of a patient who is fighting with death to win the life. Also blood donor is an unknow super hero for the family of patient depending on that patient. So transfusion of blood is a holy cause which both keeps a donor a healty and also save many lives who are very important to many peoples.